What do you guys do exactly?

We design, set up, supply machinery and service commercial laundries that are set up as an add-on to an existing business. University campuses, student accommodations, flats, caravan parks, hotels, strata title managed apartments, flats, units, boarding houses et cetera.  We take care of your laundry facility, freeing up your time to do what you do best.

What about supplying and setting up standalone laundromats?

We don’t rent equipment to a standalone laundromat.  We set up coin operated laundries as an ancillary to an existing business… we don’t do rentals for stand alone laundromat setups.  We can offer a consultancy service if you wish to purchase equipment for your new Laundromat business however.

What machines brands do you supply?

We use and recommend Speed Queen machines. Why? We’ve used all the major brands over the years, and when taking all things into consideration – power, parts, performance and maintenance costs – Speed Queen machines are the clear winners. We use Speed Queen machines to ensure the profitability of our laundries. Machines that are less reliable and cost more to run may come with a lower initial ticket price but they create laundry disasters and often in your busiest times.

Do you provide a Laundry Set-up consulting service?

Sure. We’ve been doing this for a long time and can advise how many washing and drying machines you will need based on your room numbers and occupancy rates.

Okay… How much does it cost me?

Machine rental? It’s free. There are no upfront costs, and we cover all service and maintenance charges.  You provide the space and we’ll supply the equipment so there are no capital costs to you.

What if one of the machines malfunctions or breaks down?

In most cases we provide a same-day service for repairs.   We keep most parts in stock so there are no delays fixing machines in the event of a breakdown and we only send our own licensed and qualified staff, we do not use subcontractors.  If your machines are not running we are not making money either so we have lots of incentive to get machines repaired quickly and properly.

Do you supply a machines to non-accommodation based businesses?

Absolutely. Many businesses can benefit from setting up a commercial laundry as a supplementary service such as schools, hospitals, sporting clubs, day spas  and similar types of businesses.

What about setting up my laundry for me?

Yes we take care of that for you too. We are happy to work with your builder or architect to ensure there are no points overlooked in design and construction, regardless of whether we are installing into new, existing or renovated premises. We are licensed electrical contractors and can ensure your commercial laundry is set up correctly, any necessary fixtures and fittings installed so you have to do little more than unlock the door for us.

Why should we go with you guys?

Where to start?  35 years of experience and our commitment to service.  Best prices, flexibility, fastest turn around on machine servicing and repairs.  We employ our own qualified and licensed technicians – we do not use sub-contractors.  We only make money if you do and we are focused on making that happen.  We will work with anyone with a need for a commercial laundry – from a small block of flats to the largest accommodation providers, we will provide a tailored solution.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1979, so about 35 years.  We hope in that time we’ve learned a bit about the laundry business.

Can you provide references?

Of course.   Check out our testimonials page, and if you need more call us on 3299 1459 and we’ll be happy to oblige.